I Am The Night

After leaving the NYPD Marcus Williams moves to Asherton, a small town in rural Colorado, looking for a quieter life. It all seems to be going well until, on his second date with the daughter of the local sheriff, they stumble upon the mutilated body of his neighbour. Marcus told himself he wouldn’t get involved, but something isn’t quite right about the crime scene and he can’t help but go back for a closer look… Soon enough, Marcus is thrust into a conspiracy and has to go on the run. In between evading corrupt law enforcement and trying to investigate, he finds himself in the crosshairs of serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr.

Silenced Girls

On July 4th 1999, two sisters went out to celebrate. Only one of them came home. Over 20 years later, Tori is a skilled FBI agent, working to reunite worried with their missing children – the happy ending her own family never got. With her father long dead, Tori has no reason to venture back to Manchester Bay. Not until she receives an anonymous note to her home address from her sister’s killer.

Operation Certain Death

Staff Sergeant Dominic Riley is an ATO – Ammunition Technical Officer – he’s the guy in the heavy suit that has to disarm the bomb when one is found. It’s a dangerous job, to say the least. But now he’s back home, far away from the war in Afghanistan…or so he thinks. Sergeant Dominic Riley is a compulsory therapy session when a bomb is detonated in Nottingham city centre. Even though he isn’t on duty, he rushes to the scene.