Incomparable World

Prior to reading this book, my understanding of Black history in Europe pre-1900 was limited to the ‘moors’ (courtesy of Year 9 Othello) and the few slaves brought over from the Caribbean.... Martin’s novel ‘challenged and upended the erroneously presented blanket whiteness of British history’.

Black Is The Body

A memoir told in essays, Black Is the Body is a candid collection that explores the multifaceted life of scholar, mother and Black woman, Emily Bernard.

The Library of the Dead

Living in Edinburgh with her younger sister, Izwi, and their grandmother, Ropa has long stopped going to school. To make ends meet she uses the traditional Zimbabwean magic taught to her by her grandmother to provide her ghoststalker services to the local ghosts, billing their families for carrying messages from beyond the grave. One night, she comes across Nicola, a woman unable to move on until she finds her missing boy. But Oliver isn’t the only child who has gone missing and those that returned appear to be transformed with mysterious magic.

A More Perfect Union

Tammye Huf’s A More Perfect Union tells the story of two lovers from different worlds and their struggle to be together...