Hi, I’m Lizz…

…and welcome to my bookshelf! Here I’ll be posting reviews and thoughts on what i’ve been reading lately!

A Note on Mental Health

Growing up, books were my safe haven to escape and explore a world outside my own. Then, in my mid-teens depression swooped in and stole, among other things, my love of reading. I couldn’t concentrate and was so exhausted all the time that even the idea of reading felt like climbing a mountain. So I stopped, for the rest of my time at school, and my undergrad, I barely read. I watched a fucktonne of tv but quietly mourned the loss of my first love: reading. Since late last 2019, I’ve been reading again. At first, just little bits here and there, and then I’d have one of those nights where you stay up until 3am to finish a novel because there is no way you can sleep until you finish. And slowly, I was able to keep doing that, and now I’ll finish a book and be excited to see what I will chose as the next one. So for anyone out there who is struggling with their mental health and is angry and frustrated at themselves for not being able to read: Be patient, it will come back.

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