The Minders

John Marrs (Del Rey)


In a futuristic world where information is the most sought-after commodity, hackers are attacking government servers worldwide. After a cyberattack with catastrophic effects that has the whole country grieving, the UK government decides to take a new stance – use revolutionary genetic engineering technology to implant the country’s secrets into the minds of five ordinary citizens named The Minders. Off the grid, their goal is to safeguard this information for five years, until the government can create other plans to protect their secrets. But someone has discovered their identities, and now the minders are being hunted one by one.

This is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller with one hell of a twist. I really liked the characters of the minders and appreciated how we get to know them as people before they entered the program, exploring how the procedure changed them inside and out. Some characters had a complete personality shift as a result of the program, which made me a little sad – I like their characters as they were, and we lost that with some of the minders. It makes references to COVID-19 and Brexit, and I’ll admit it feels a little ‘too soon’, but it added to the ominous atmosphere. At times, it does feel a little far fetched or over-dramatic but that also adds to the overall atmosphere. In all, I did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it to people who liked Blake Crouch’s Recursion or Jem Tugwell’s Proximity.

A special thank you to the team at Del Rey for making a digital ARC available on #NetGalley

P.s. Apparently this is set in the same world as The One and The Passengers, by the same author, and those should be read first (oops.)

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